Probate Litigation in Atlanta

Probate of Estates

Probate litigation in Atlanta can be a complicated legal process, involving a court-appointed administrator or executor who will oversee property and asset transfers from a decedent to surviving families and beneficiaries. When a person passes away, probate is not just used to determine how their assets must be administered to loved ones, but also how debts will be paid off and any disputes resolved.

If you are facing the probate process, you need to retain an experienced estate probate lawyer in Atlanta who can effectively guide you through each and every step. At Meyring Law Firm, we have 10+ years of combined legal experience and are skilled at handling complex Atlanta probate attorney litigation proceedings.

We can confidently assist you with the following:

  • Drafting and executing a will
  • Completing requirements for filing and processing
  • Reporting to the court for probate or estate matters
  • Resolving issues with asset distribution
  • Estate litigation, when necessary

The legal team at Meyring Law Firm is here to provide the meaningful probate litigation attorney insight you need during this time. Call to set up an initial appointment or fill out a case evaluation.

What are my responsibilities as a personal representative?

During probate, you can request to be appointed as a personal representative by the court. If approved, you will take an oath that promises to keep the estate’s best interest in mind. In this role, you hold the responsibility of ensuring the estate is settled properly. A “letters of testamentary” document will be issued by the court that gives you certain authority to carry out these responsibilities.

Under this document, you will have the authority to do the following:

  • Collect descendant’s personal assets
  • Professionally appraise all assets and property
  • Sell assets to put towards debts, taxes, or inheritance
  • Distribute remaining property according to the will

Though some of these responsibilities may seem straightforward, it is strongly advised that you have an probate litigation in Atlanta from a reputable probate law firm help with the various aspects and issues that can arise in the probate process. Our Atlanta probate litigation attorney team at Meyring Law Firm never strays from providing trusted legal advice and guidance, ensuring the process is streamlined from beginning to end.

To get started, feel free to reach out to our Atlanta probate attorney at our probate law firm. We are ready to assist you at this time.

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