When it’s time, Will you be ready?

The present, the here and now, is the most effective thing that you have. Feelings of regret about the past and anxiety over the future can take away from feeling and being effective in the present.

Now is the actual time at which you can do something, rather than anticipating what’s to come or recollecting what’s happened. But if you must anticipate or recollect, hopefully it is with hope over anxiety and nostalgia over regret.

I have regularly communicated to the readership here through a marketing message that “now is the time” to get your estate planning or probate matters in order. In the “before times” I’ve communicated regularly through newspaper columns and online postings that my Law Firm helps people establish wills or family trusts, guides families through probate, or makes individual plans for incapacity. I have taken a hiatus on the column for a couple of years but the underlying theme in the message is: “Do it now before you can’t.”

Why? It’s because I have seen many, many people ask for help far too late or one’s surviving family tells me that the making of an estate plan was always intended but never done. By contrast, we have helped many people live a better, more relaxed, and effective present when they get their estate plan together with the help of a professional.

So, what would happen if you were hit by “the bus”? What would happen to your legacy? Would your plan be ready? If you have a plan, how do you know it will work? The answers to these and more are standard with every quality estate plan established and probate case professionally resolved.

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