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Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation

As you navigate a probate litigation case, it is essential to obtain the legal representation of a knowledgeable estate litigation attorney in Atlanta. At Meyring Law Firm, our Estate Litigation Attorneys in Atlanta are dedicated to protecting our clients through each step of their cases. Estate litigation includes a wide range of legal battles relating to the surrounding trust and estate litigation, including challenges to the validity of a will, fraud in the execution of a will, and the legitimacy of will beneficiaries and claimants to the estate.

When it is necessary to litigate to resolve issues in the probate of an estate, our Firm represents:

  • Beneficiaries
  • Heirs
  • Executors
  • Administrators
  • Claimants

Litigation that involves estates and trusts starts when a beneficiary, heir, or another party believes that assets within an estate are mishandled by a personal representative. If the personal representative has managed the estate in a faulty manner, the heirs or beneficiaries can petition to have him or her removed as the trustee.

Will Contests

Disputes over wills occur when an heir or beneficiary of a past will believe that the will used for probate is not valid. Once the petition to probate is served, the heirs have a set time frame in which to object to the probate of the will.

Contests of wills are often based on any of the following grounds:

  • Fraud
  • Undue influence
  • Improper execution
  • Existence of a later will

If you are involved in a dispute involving any aspect of an estate, our estate litigation attorneys in Atlanta can assist you with your case. Estate litigation can be complex and stressful to the parties involved, and our experienced probate litigation attorney works hard to make the process easier and manageable for the client. Our clients involved in will contests or estate litigation have the peace of mind of knowing that our estate litigation attorney will be a zealous advocate for the client, will communicate clearly, and will achieve the best possible results.

Compassionate & Honest Representation in Atlanta

At Meyring Law Firm, our estate litigation lawyers in Atlanta can represent any party, the plaintiff or defendant, who is involved in an estate dispute. If you are involved in a circumstance in which a child is entitled to property, a loved one is being taken advantage of, or any other circumstance that requires estate litigation, we can stand by your side and offer ample protection.

We have the experience necessary to resolve any probate or estate administration or litigation issue. Ensure that you have all of the protection you require to successfully navigate your case. Call us for your free case evaluation over the phone with estate litigation attorney.

Obtain the help you need by contacting our probate litigation attorney and trust litigation attorney at your earliest convenience.

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