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Whether for your family, your business, or both, estate and business plans are important to protect your property and the people you love.

Life is busy and complicated, leaving many people to focus on getting through the day. Our job at Meyring Law Firm is to provide personal and business solutions that provide you peace of mind about the years to come so you can focus on the here and now.

We provide a lifetime of support. Life isn’t stagnant. Marriages, births, divorces, new jobs – no matter the change, we stand ready to adjust your plan for whatever life brings your way.

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Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

The need for an estate plan is not based on the size and value of your property. The purpose of planning goes beyond safeguarding assets, though that certainly is part of it. The plan documents your wishes – from medical care decisions to who inherits certain belongings – should you become incapacitated or die. We use a variety of estate planning tools, depending on your goals and circumstances.

Most estate plans should include the following:

  • Will. In a will, you can outline who gets what after your death. This document can also name who you want as guardians for any minor children. A will can be updated throughout your lifetime.
  • Power of Attorney. When you name a power of attorney, you allow someone to act on your behalf. Depending on your wishes, someone can make financial and/or medical decisions should become incapacitated.
  • Advanced Directive. This document establishes your decisions about end-of-life care ahead of time. You can specify what treatments you do or do not want to prolong your life.

Other tools that may be appropriate to include are:

  • Special Needs Planning. If you have a child or other loved one with special needs, we can help you plan for how they will be cared for when you pass away. Special needs, supplemental, survivor, and legacy trusts can support their future needs.
  • Long-term Care Planning. Everyone should be prepared for the possibility of needing long-term care. Long-term care insurance and Medicaid trusts are only two tools in a long list of possibilities that provide quality care for you and financial protection for your family.
  • Business Succession Planning. We can draft the legal documents that specify how your business will continue to operate should you decide to retire, unexpectedly become ill, or pass away.
  • Trusts. Trusts help pass wealth down from one generation to the next, shelter assets from estate tax liability, transfer property more easily to heirs, and more. Some trusts are revocable, which means they can be changed, while others are permanent.

Probate Administration & Litigation

Probate can be costly, cumbersome, and take a long time to finalize. The more disagreement there is among survivors, the more complicated probate can be. We can create an estate plan that can avoid probate after your death.

When an estate is probated, count on us to complete all the requirements for filing and processing. For an estate administrator who lives outside of Georgia, trips to the state to handle the legal obligations are not always convenient or possible. Our lawyer can represent them throughout the probate process.

There are also several grounds on which a will can be disputed. If the document was drafted under undue influence or when the subject was not in sound mind are two examples. Sometimes, property and other assets that need to be distributed are left out of the will. In circumstances when there is no will, heirs might fight over who should be the named legal representative of the deceased. We can help our clients navigate these complex situations.

Complete Business Support Services

At Meyring Law Firm, our business support reaches beyond succession planning. Whether you are just starting your business, expanding services, or bringing on partners, we can create the right legal structures to protect you personally and professionally.

  • Business Formation. Depending on the type of business and how many people are involved, we can guide you in determining which legal structure (corporation, LLC, partnership, etc.) best shelters you and the business.
  • Business Contracts. Contracts with landlords, vendors, investors, partners, and others need legal scrutiny. We can draft solid contracts and negotiate your interests with other parties.
  • Business Litigation. A business can become mired in legal disputes. Whether you need to file a lawsuit or are being sued, we can represent your side in contract breaches, broken leases, violated NDAs, and other issues.

Our experienced attorney and support team can offer advice, counsel, and comprehensive representation for all your business legal needs.

Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer in Rome, GA

Prepare your family for the future with an estate plan that carries out your wishes and eases the burden of your loved ones. Without an estate plan, the possibility of disputes among family members rises significantly. The process can be messy and could end up in litigation.

Our compassionate team understands that it can be difficult to think about future scenarios. We will ask questions with sensitivity and actively listen to your concerns.

Plan today for tomorrow. Schedule a no-cost consultation online or by calling (678) 257-3332.

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