I used the Meyring Law Firm for a Transfer of Deed. Mr. Meyring was both competent and congenial to work with. The laid back non-intimidating manner of the staff made me feel at ease. I appreciated Mr. Meyring ability to convey complicated legal matters without being condescending in any way. You will enjoy your visit to the Firm that is professional in every way.

From Father to Son

My Dad sometimes forgets my name now. He usually remembers who I am when he sees me, but I can see that he's often searching to recall my name. Then, like catching a thread, he'll remember that the last time he played tennis, he played against me, and he lost. As a testament to how athletic my father was, the last time he played was actually the only time I ever beat my Dad in tennis and he was in his late 70s.

I would like to think that by staying active, I can prolong the inevitable effects of time on my mind and body. From my family history, it appears that dementia, cognitive disorder, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease are lurking on my distant horizon. My grandfather worked as a lawyer for over 50 years and was of sound mind when he died of a stroke. When I was a teen, we took care of my grandmother who was physically healthy but was quickly mentally gone with Alzheimer's disease. Their child, my father, retired over 20 years ago yet stayed fairly active. In the last 5 years, however, he has declined mentally, similar to his mother.

My brother, whose life was nearly cut short in a severe accident a few years ago, has a lawyer who is in his mid-90s and has been practicing law for over 70 years. This man told me a story about when he had cancer, which was operable, and he had retired at the same time because he was in his late 70s. The doctor said he could not work for at least six months. The old lawyer told me that during the six months he could feel his brain deteriorating every single day. As soon as he was medically released, he came out of retirement and went back to work because he said it's what he enjoys doing; it's what he does. As I spent an hour with my brother's attorney, I learned a lot - or I just heard a lot of what I already knew.

It is my long-term goal to be a long-practicing elder attorney that has the power to mentor younger lawyers as I have been mentored. My daily goals are to enjoy my law practice and practice in a manner that makes my attorney grandfather and my father proud. My lifetime goals include remaining physically and mentally healthy enough to enjoy and remember the times I have with my son as long as I can.

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