Robert is a top-notch attorney. He is a brilliant problem solver and planner. He is able to see issues from multiple perspectives and to understand the potential ramifications of any course of action that he recommends. I highly recommend his services to you as he has been very helpful to me when I have needed his assistance.

Estate Planning Lawyer in Atlanta

10+ Years Helping People Plan For Their Future

At Meyring Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing estate planning and probate services to clients throughout Atlanta and Cobb County, Georgia.

Our team has over 10 years of experience & works with a team of attorneys who have practice specialties to provide the best possible result for you . Whether you need representation for estate litigation or want to create a trust or will, we can be of service.

We are devoted to serving our clients with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and service. Our firm is well rounded and experienced in the areas of law that we practice, approaching each issue with great understanding and respect for the individual client and their family.

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Work With A Full-Service Law Firm That Cares About Your Situation

No matter what troubling legal circumstance you are facing, you can trust Meyring Law Firm to be there for you. We are a full-service law firm that uses our skills to help clients:

  • Effectively navigate their complex legal issues
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Accomplish their personal and planning goals

Once you become our client, you will be our client for life. After you come to our office for an estate or probate concern, you can use our Atlanta estate planning lawyer and other skilled associates at the Firm for other legal matters because of the trusting relationship we build with all clients.

We remain available for all of our trust and estate planning clients by offering:

  • Lifetime support of any estate documents we produce
  • Future attorney availability to explain plan documents
  • Electronic or hard copies anytime
  • Free periodic reviews of estate plans

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We offer free evaluations by phone for our clients to help them get started on their cases and develop confidence in the services we provide. These phone evaluations provide each potential client with an opportunity to:

  • learn more about us
  • understand his or her situation
  • ask all of the questions that he or she needs answered

We look at each case in a well-rounded manner, including exploring whether there are alternative resolutions or other parts of the case that need to be brought to light.

Once the case evaluation is accomplished, we then determine suggested courses of action and the available legal resources we can use for your benefit. If, for example, in the course of handling your probate case we discover that you need assistance with a wrongful death or personal injury issue, we can partner with another Atlanta attorney who can resolve those legal concerns for you.

Individuals who are looking for personalized representation from their attorney can look to our Firm for the strong legal guidance they require. In every situation, we devote our resources to establish your estate, work on your issues, or build a strong case that addresses your legal needs.

Plan for your future. Call our estate planning attorney for help!

Many situations in life are complex, but estate planning is one area that does not have to be complicated or overwhelming when you are properly represented. If you are in need of legal support, we encourage you to look to our Firm for the representation you need. We regularly help clients with complicated trust cases and incapacity issues, including:

Founding attorney Robert S. Meyring and his support staff are committed to the highest standards of service and quality in the personal attention given to each client. We strive to help families and individuals through a wide range of legal matters to ensure that they are on track to achieve successful results. Do not hesitate to contact our estate planning firm at your earliest convenience if you are in need of effective and strong representation.