I recently had Robert Meyring prepare my Last Will and Testament and it was done quickly and efficiently. I found the prices affordable and Mr. Meyring worked with me on the payments. The staff was a nice group of people; they were friendly, courteous, and very down to earth….not pretentious. I will use the Meyring Law Firm’s legal services if I ever need legal assistance again.

Blog Posts in January, 2013

Particular Planning Peeves

As a lawyer that helps people with wills, trusts, probate and estate issues, I have been around these issues enough to give a qualified opinion about estate planning. Not that you’ve asked, but ...
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You're an Executor. Now What?

When people write a will, they choose the most trusted and reliable person they know to help carry out their will-written wishes. That person is known as the executor. That is the person, for example, ...
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