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Avoidance of Attorneys

It is often the avoidance of attorneys that leads to the necessity for attorneys. In no area it is that more true and common to you than with estate planning , wills, legacies and the probate of estates. Everyone has a closely related story of lost family fortunes, missing wills, the waiting for inheritance, or the surprises that come with the reading of the will.

Often people try to arrange their estate so no probate is necessary. Other times people will try to do their wills themselves. That's all fine and maybe that will work out, but I've also seen that there's often a complete lack of knowledge as to whether avoiding probate is necessary or whether the will or estate plan will work. I've seen well intended wills that are invalid and void as written because of the use of the wrong words in the will or improper signings and bad witnessing. Many people think they have a good will, but even millionaires have shown me long-held wills that were actually invalid. An invalid or void will results in intestacy which gives rise to more problems too numerous to note here.

Here are a few estate planning issues I see often:

If you own property in a different state, you would definitely want to avoid a second probate the other state; assessing that need or getting it done correctly is often the reason for hiring a trusts and estates attorney. It's worth it as every dollar spent in the present could save ten dollars later in the estate.

If you want to give all, or just more of, your worldly possessions to your favorite child during lifetime or thereafter, that's fine, but be careful how it's done because the disfavored child can sue the favored child for your estate later. An estates attorney with probate experience is of great help and value here to avoid that future litigation.

When a person knows they are going to have the family fighting over the estate, the use of a trust for privacy and avoiding probate is a great option. The estate gifts to family members are private and other family members won't know who got what - which sometimes avoids litigation.

It is actually converse and perverse that the more a person tries to avoid the cost of hiring attorneys, the more that person, or their family, will need to pay later for lawyers to solve those very problems created by the avoidance.

The moral is simple: Create, review or update your estate plan with a trusts and estates attorney for your peace of mind, legacy and family harmony. It's worth it!

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