I was very impressed with the services that I received at the Meyring Law Firm. They prepared two Estate Plans for me and my husband that included 2 New Wills, 2 Georgia Healthcare Directives, and 2 Power of Attorney. The staff was very professional and did things very quickly. We got answers to our questions promptly and had everything explained to us.

HELP! Where and When Needed

HELP! Where and When Needed from MeyringLaw on Vimeo.

By Robert S. Meyring

November 2012

I have been asked by many fellow attorneys, business professionals and salespeople: “Who is your typical client?” The short answer is: “There is no typical client.”

When I first opened the Law Firm five years ago I thought I was opening a “Law Firm Boutique” for wills, trusts, and estate planning. The “typical” client would need an estate plan and sometimes help with Probate. I quickly realized that clients who engaged my Firm’s services had many added related issues to resolve.

To illustrate, a family with expansive legal issues could be a husband and wife with two children, two homes, a successful business, and elderly parents, where one asset-laden parent recently passed and has a will to be probated. This is similar to a lot of real-life families with responsibilities of children, business, future planning, and legacy. At times when people need help planning their own estate, need help with business/legal issues, or need help with the probate of a parent’s estate, I found it’s important for the family to get help for all related legal issues from one place.

The young couple with children may need an estate plan that insures that there will be specific instructions and contingency plans in case either spouse is incapacitated for a short or long time.
The resolution: 1) a financial power of attorney and 2) an advance directive for health care for each spouse. The other part of the estate plan prepares in the case of death of either spouse. To avoid leaving children orphaned, businesses without paychecks, and properties abandoned, the young husband and wife would need help putting together a concise will or trust-based estate plan.

The couple’s children may have special needs and may need a trust set up so that income-based healthcare or financial assistance will be accessible and will continue even if the parents would pass away while the children are minors. A trust could also give assistance to a surviving child while the child is young and could preserve some of the trust assets for the child’s college or graduate education and even distribute some of the trust assets to the children over a lifetime.

The business may need to be incorporated or partners may need a partnership/operating agreement. Ultimately, the couple can have a contingency plan in their estate plan and business procedures allowing the business to continue in the event of death.

The couple may need help with elderly parents’ end of life care and probate of the deceased parent’s estate. An elder parent could qualify for medical assistance. The surviving parent may need to establish or adjust their estate plan.

After opening the Firm, I soon realized the trusts and estates practice touches on many areas of a person’s life. I’ve taken great efforts to grow a Firm that can provide help to the person, the family and the business in one place. I have found that resolving clients’ legal issues and planning for their future is the highest level of service I can provide.

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