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When you seek to create a will as part of your estate plan with the Meyring Law Firm, having a knowledgeable wills and estates attorney in Atlanta by your side will give you peace of mind and ensure the effectiveness of your will.

As self-prepared and program-generated wills are often ineffective, you can have confidence that your estate plan’s objectives will be accomplished with our Firm’s attorney-prepared wills. Our goal as your wills and estates attorney in Atlanta will be to make the process easier and educate you (the client) in a plainspoken manner.

We have over 10 years of experience as will attorneys in Atlanta specializing in wills and use a team of specialists to make sure that you get the best possible result.

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What type of will do you need for your estate?

Meyring Law Firm’s Atlanta lawyer for wills and trusts will help you with a simple will or a complex will with testamentary trusts and special provisions that address each individual client’s planning goals. When life insurance benefits are directed to the estate, a “complex” will with a testamentary trust may provide for the support, education, and healthcare of minor children for years after the will is probated.

Wills can be created for the following purposes:

  • Leave your property to individuals or organizations
  • Name a personal guardian for your children’s care
  • Name an executor to carry out the wishes of your will
  • Name a trusted person to manage property that is left to minor children

Requirements of a Will

After the will is created, you will have opportunities to update the will in case any major changes in your life occur through a codicil. Our Firm can help you create the will, update the will, and ensure that it remains in line with the specific requirements.

Requirements for a last will and testament in Georgia include:

  • The testator must be a minimum of 14 years old
  • The testator must be of sound mind and memory
  • Must be in writing and signed by the testator or within his or her presence
  • Two or more witnesses must sign the will in the testator’s presence
  • Wills must make a disposition of property

What is the difference between a will and a trust?

You’ve likely heard the two used almost interchangeably, but there are distinct differences between a will and a trust. As discussed, a will is a written document that has been signed and witnessed, demonstrating how your property will be distributed once you pass away; it also can outline the guardianship of children. A trust, however, establishes a lifetime management plan to manage property actively for its duration of use. Trusts have to be actively funded, set up to control the assets placed within it; a will passes assets along and essentially moves on. Depending on the circumstances, such as who the recipient is of your assets after your passing and whether or not you want the management of assets, you can determine which is the right avenue for your estate. The trust will involve far more upfront effort and expense; it has a more dynamic set of options to handle your assets after your passing, so it really depends on what assets you have at the time of your passing.

How does one contest or object a will?

While varying by state, the method to contesting the outcome of a will is determined by probate law. Typically wills can only be contested by spouses, children or individuals named either in the will or a previous will. The process begins when an individual, through legal representation, informs the courts that they believe there is a problem in the will. Four primary reasons inform a contest of a will: how the will is signed and witnessed, the mental capacity of the testator at the time of the signing, if the testator is being unduly influenced by a full-time caretaker that has taken complete day-to-day control of assets, or outright will fraud.

This places the utmost emphasis on hiring proper legal counsel to facilitate and bear witness to the formulation of a will, as it will bind the document in a stronger legal context. As you can see by the four reasons listed, these are largely removed as questions when working with an experienced legal team that has knowledge of probate and estate law.

How Your Will Can Work for You

Our Atlanta will lawyer for wills and trusts help support the will that is presented to the probate court of someone challenges it, and the Firm will also contest wills for clients who need to challenge the validity of questionable wills. Our lawyers specializing in wills and estates attorney in Atlanta helps our clients with will challenges in the probate court and disputes over intestate estates; known as estate litigation, we will help the family resolve estate disputes through negotiation, mediation, and ultimately litigation if and when necessary.

You can protect your family and your property by creating a will. If you happen to die in the absence of a will, your property will be distributed based on Georgia’s intestacy laws, which give your property to your relatives based on how close they are in relation to you. For example, if you do not have a spouse or children, your grandchildren or parents will receive your property.

Your last will and testament attorney gives you the opportunity to ensure that your property is accurately distributed to the beneficiaries you have selected. You should ensure that you are properly represented by calling to speak with our Estate Planning staff.

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As you pursue the establishment of a will, our will attorneys in Atlanta can be your guide through the process. We have substantial experience with our lawyers that do wills and are dedicated to providing the personal representation you need. We also handle cases involving will contests.

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