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We will review your case by phone, when you call us and/or provide basic information – in the form below, your name and callback number – and case details. A case review is needed before setting an appointment to respect the client’s time and the attorney’s paid advice. A case review will also confirm that Meyring Law Firm will best help you resolve legal issues related to our areas of legal practice. Those practice areas include:

  • Estate Planning: Wills, Financial Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives
  • Making a Trust, Revocable Trusts, Special Purpose Trusts, Insurance Trusts, Protective Trusts
  • Probating an Estate, Contesting an Estate, Estate Disputes, Estate Claims
  • Will Contests & Trust Disputes
  • Guardianships: Incapacity Planning, Health Care Advanced Directives
  • Business Support: Remove “personal incapacity” business support services, including corporate formations, contracts reviews/drafting, advice on retainer, corprate structures for our recommended, existing planning and probate clients

On completion of the case review and confirmation that the Meyring Law Firm can provide the needed legal services, a consultation with an attorney can be conveniently made by setting an in-office appointment meeting, or a paid phone consultation with an attorney is available in some cases. Consultations are fee-based advice meetings by phone or in-person meeting. Case reviews are no-fee reviews of case details only by phone. We are pleased to review your case and we look forward to serving you as Atlanta’s best providers of wills, trusts, estates and probate services. Protecting your future for life.

Request a Case Review “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.” – Abraham Lincoln.

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