Estate Planning

I went to Meyring Law Firm to update my Will. A numbers of years had passed and many changes have happened in my life since I first prepared my Will. Everything I requested was accomplished and I met a great group of people in the process. On the day of my signing, Mr. Meyring made everything so convenient by having witnesses, Notary, and in –house payments. If you are looking for a great and ...

The Importance of Estate Planning

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Estate planning is a beneficial planning tool that allows you to arrange your estate in case you become disabled or pass on. The process can help your surviving family members avoid misunderstanding, extra court expenses, and attorney fees. By thoroughly working out a proper estate plan, you could safeguard your loved ones rights to your estate and make they inherit your assets after the event of your death.

Estate planning is recommended for all ages, no matter the amount of property and wealth you own. During this process it is strongly imperative to obtain an Atlanta estate planning attorney who can inform you of important information as well as provide valid advice and assistance. At Meyring Law Firm, we can guide you through the process, ensuring your estate and family’s inheritance are secure.

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What is involved in an estate plan?

Estate planning involving the drafting of wills, trusts, and other types of planning documents. Our firm can help you complete various documents that are designed to protect your final wishes and the interests of your loved ones.

Some of the elements involved in estate planning include the following:

  • Will: This document helps you name any heirs you want to inherit part of your estate. A will can also include other information and may be updated or modified at any time.
  • Power of attorney: In this document, you will appoint an agent to manage your finances if you were to become incapacitated. They must act with your best interest in mind.
  • Advanced directive: This document helps to inform others of your healthcare wishes if you were to become incapacitated and can include notes on what treatments to avoid.

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Don’t have an estate plan in place yet? We encourage you to take action to protect your family, assets, and well-being. At Meyring Law Firm, we help you craft an estate plan that is personalized to your goals and wishes. Our Atlanta estate planning lawyers take the time to understand your wishes and goals and can help guide you in the right direction for your plan.

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