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Attitude of Gratitude: Life's Too Short

A friend sent me a card last Thanksgiving with a nice family photo, and across the front of the card was just one word, in bold red letters that said "Thankful". The message of being ...
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'Tis the $eason: People > Gifts

The holidays appear to kick off earlier and sooner every year. Now with the regular appearance of pre-Halloween Christmas merchandise, you can buy both Halloween candy and chocolate Santas in early ...
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Stepfamily Assets at Risk: What Can You Do

If you have a stepfamily or you have a variety of valuable assets built up into a nest egg for retirement - they may be at risk if you have an ineffective will/trust or no estate plan at all. How do ...
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From Father to Son

My Dad sometimes forgets my name now. He usually remembers who I am when he sees me, but I can see that he's often searching to recall my name. Then, like catching a thread, he'll remember ...
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Why You Need an Attorney to Help With Your Estate Plan

Estate planning is a sophisticated process that involves those individuals or organizations that are important to you such as your family, close friends, or favorite charities. It also involves your ...
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