I recently had my Estate Plan prepared by the Meyring Law Firm. I enjoyed the small firm atmosphere, and the courteous, competent staff members. I can honestly say that there was no pressure and Mr. Meyring took the time to answer all my questions. Because they exceeded my expectations, I expect to have a life long relationship with this firm.

Blog Posts in February, 2015

Mother's Incapacity

Jack's mother always took care of herself, paid her own bills, and looked after her own healthcare. When Mother started to forget important things and stopped going to her regular doctor visits, ...
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Resolutions and Death Plan

"It's a new year and your New Year's resolutions have come and gone," said a friend to me recently. As I may best paraphrase, he said to cogitate on the fact that people resolve to ...
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From Father to Son

My Dad sometimes forgets my name now. He usually remembers who I am when he sees me, but I can see that he's often searching to recall my name. Then, like catching a thread, he'll remember ...
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