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Your Life Ever After

This is your story.

You worked hard to get where you are in life. You have a good home, loving family and a good life generally. It’s not a perfect family or perfect home - as there is always some element of crazy or vice in every family and there is always something that needs to be done with the home. There is always room for improvement - even self-improvement. You do have some property, some money in the bank, some investments for retirement, you have insurance on your life and maybe your spouse has life insurance. You have gotten to where you are because of a consistent focus on what is important, doing what is right, staying out of trouble and working hard for your family, yourself, and believing in a greater good. Whether that good is here or in the great beyond, it’s the life that you have and how you choose to live it affects those who are closest to you.

Sometimes we become so busy working for what matters most that we sometimes forget to take care of some life foundational issues. We just said your life is good. But it’s not perfect. That’s why you got life insurance. Or maybe you didn’t. But what’s next? Meaning, follow the life insurance money through to its logical conclusion: To whom does the money go? What happens if the money pays to an ex-spouse, an underage child, or what happens if you don’t have it? (Disclaimer: I don’t sell life insurance.)

Your life insurance – or lack of it – is a good illustration of how you can plan and work hard for something and then have almost no idea of how it works. I’d guess that most people cannot you answer this question: If your life insurance policy says “give the death benefit payout to my (ex)spouse Chris” and the will says “give all life insurance benefit to my (15 or 20 year old) child Pat,” then who gets the money if you die? Statistically, about half of the people who have life insurance do not have a will. That’s a little crazy, but it’s rational if you have worked so hard to take care of what matters most that you have forgotten to take care of your foundational estate plan in the form of a will or trust.

Thoughts: Nobody goes into the hospital planning to die. Nobody buys life insurance from a computer program or an office store. You get what you pay for.
Point: Be prepared. Life is precious. Take care of your loved ones.

Maybe you don’t have an updated will or trust prepared by a trusts and estates attorney . Or maybe you don’t have an estate plan because you have figured out a way to avoid probate. If you have not updated your plan, or are trying to avoid probate and have not consulted with a trusts and estates attorney, you have just gambled on the foundation of everything you have worked a lifetime to earn. It can crumble and hurt the loved ones you tried to help. The “more money, more problems” syndrome hits hard in the probate courts: it’s your legacy and family that pays. Estate planning short cuts during lifetime become family-splitting battles in the afterlife. That’s not a warning. It’s just the truth.

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