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Particular Planning Peeves

As a lawyer that helps people with wills, trusts, probate and estate issues, I have been around these issues enough to give a qualified opinion about estate planning . Not that you’ve asked, but it does affect you in some way. So, here are my top concerns about the wills that people have, or commonly, do not have.

Please understand that most attorneys do not know how to write wills; meaning the lawyer that does not practice trust and estates law is pretty sure to write a bad will - or at least a will that could be much better written by an estates attorney. Second, are the attorneys who write wills in Courier New font. There is nothing new about old monospaced typewriter font. It was developed in 1955 and has since been retired by newspapers, books, government agencies, and most everybody else except for holdovers, the deserving elderly, and age-confused young attorneys use it to write wills. When I review an old font written will, I most often see mistakes written into those wills. Besides, if your will was written on a typewriter, it’s about time to have it reviewed or rewritten for your own good.

The fact that most people who should have wills or an estate plan, do not is another major concern. A large portion of the population has not made a will, a healthcare document, or a financial power of attorney. Have you?

I find it amazing that people will work their whole lives, build up a legacy to leave to their family, friends, or charities, then they will also pay a lot of money to professional advisors of the financial, investment, insurance, and banking type over their lifetime, yet when it comes to putting together a plan for preserving of life’s work, for some inexplicable reason, people try to get their will and estate plan as cheaply as possible. Why the disconnect between working so hard to build one’s wealth then making the efforts to get the best bargain when planning one’s legacy? I know I’ll never get a sensible answer to this question. Finding the best bargain when making the most personal issues that will affect one’s family for generations is a complex decision. The decision involves emotions, and when emotions run strong, logic runs a stray. Maybe it’s just a rhetorical question.

If you’ve got the best answer to this question (as judged by me and my staff), call me or write my office with that answer within the next 30 days and I will give you a free, Last Will and Testament of the highest quality that exactly meets your estate planning needs with lifetime support.

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