I recently needed my Estate Plan done and I went to the Meyring Law Firm for this legal issue. My documents were prepared and complete in hardly anytime and I found it easy to work with the staff. Overall, it was a really great service and I was very satisfied with the results. I would recommend this Attorney’s Firm to anyone needing and type of legal services.

Blog Posts in 2013

What is Probate? Should I Care?

Either you will encounter the probate of an estate or you already have. If you haven’t dealt with probate directly, then the encounter may actually be someone else handling yours. How will ...
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Avoidance of Attorneys

It is often the avoidance of attorneys that leads to the necessity for attorneys. In no area it is that more true and common to you than with estate planning, wills, legacies and the probate of ...
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Your Life Ever After

This is your story. You worked hard to get where you are in life. You have a good home, loving family and a good life generally. It’s not a perfect family or perfect home - as there is always ...
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Particular Planning Peeves

As a lawyer that helps people with wills, trusts, probate and estate issues, I have been around these issues enough to give a qualified opinion about estate planning. Not that you’ve asked, but ...
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You're an Executor. Now What?

When people write a will, they choose the most trusted and reliable person they know to help carry out their will-written wishes. That person is known as the executor. That is the person, for example, ...
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