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Why I Ride: For MS Cure and Cause

I knew a girl in grade school, Katie, one year younger than me. She lived nearby, we rode the same school bus and even though we went to different high schools we became casual friends during high school. I graduated and moved away and five or six years later I heard that Katie had Multiple Sclerosis. When I visited her, she was moving slowly and her once vibrant eyes were now dull, unfocused and reminded me of cataracts. She was a shadow of what she had been during the grade school and high school years. I felt bad for her. I could do nothing about it.

I last saw Katie somewhere between 18 and 20 years ago. I looked for her recently online and in other places but I cannot find her. The MS hit her so hard back then, it's hard to see she could have survived this long.

Now I can help! I've registered for the Bike MS: Cox Atlanta Ride September 15 and 16, 2012 to fulfill a personal challenge, and also to help the National MS Society's Georgia Chapter fund research, advocate for change, and help people with MS and their families lead powerful lives.* I believe in the work they do, and I want to be part of it. Can I count on your help?

My MS cycling team is "Amy's Armor." There is an Amy, she was diagnosed with MS and, is married to my team's captain. By by riding (over 100 miles), I can help her and the MS cause with your donation.

I'm helping the National MS Society move forward toward a world without MS.Please join me by making a donation or joining my team !


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* Funds raised go toward research aimed at treating and eventually curing MS. They also provide education, information, direct financial aid and scholarships to individuals and families living with MS in our community.