Robert is a top-notch attorney. He is a brilliant problem solver and planner. He is able to see issues from multiple perspectives and to understand the potential ramifications of any course of action that he recommends. I highly recommend his services to you as he has been very helpful to me when I have needed his assistance.

Never Going to Retire

Recently I came to the conclusion that I am never going to retire. This is not a political statement about the state of Social Security, rather it’s mainly because I love my work, office and practice. Why would I want to stop?

Another reason is because the attorney that has, and continues to, inspire me most was in post retirement age, in his 58th year of practice when I met him. Now he is over 80 years old and he is still practicing law and still loving the work he does every day. I cannot imagine where I’d be in my career if my mentor did not take me under his wing in his post-retirement age. If he had retired, I would not have met him; things would be different. I owe it to my mentor and to myself to repay the favor by being a mentor to others now and also mentoring young lawyers at a future time when I will be in my late 70s.

My grandpa Arthur never retired. He loved to practice law and he was good at it. He died suddenly during his 53rd year in practice, I was 13 then. My dad, Arthur’s son, did retire from a long career in public service at the usual time. He’s now in his 80s. We recently visited. He has most of his faculties, but his mild cognitive disorder has been progressing over the last few years. My dad’s mom had full blown Alzheimer’s Disease when she was younger than my dad is now.

If I’m genetically predisposed to lose my mind in my advanced years, I’d rather keep working and keep cognitive disorder at bay. I’d prefer my last memory to be: me, pushing a pen, banging away at the keyboard and talking on the phone to help resolve someone’s problems. I don’t want to go out in a foggy haze; if I can help it, I won’t.

Helping others with legal issues gives me gratification, meaning and purpose; three elements I need and have demanded in my daily work for 20 years. I’ve had many jobs, but to me, practicing law is like a fish breathing in water: seems natural to me, like I’m inclined toward lawyering, or maybe called to it. Whether the reasons I practice law are existential or theological does not matter and aren’t much discussed. What matters is that people and families and businesses are better off after having engaged my Firm’s services.

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