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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It's hard for most people to handle the subject of estate planning-especially when the handler is the subject. - R. Meyring

Discussing one's estate plan and the passing on of a person's legacy and assets is easy for some and difficult for most. Maybe the reasoning is that most people, by avoiding the contemplation of their own end of life, act as if they may live forever. Fact is, writing your will is really about planning for life.

The planning of your estate is really the planning for the life of your family and friends that come after you. The planning for incapacity, like with a power of attorney or advance directive, contemplates that the incapacitated person will become well again. The will or trust-centered estate plan is created for the financial benefit of one's surviving relatives and friends. The benefit of drafting your will is "peace of mind;" a quality of life, non-financial benefit.

Essentially, the creation of your estate plan is a generous, giving act done for the benefit of your family and generally not for your own financial gain. Contrary to the planning involved with finances or investments, estate planning is a gifting act that looks for the later benefit of your family members.

Would you want to have a plan in place for the financial support of your child or your spouse in the case that you would not be there? Would you breathe easier if you had a plan for the control of financial decisions during your future times of incapacity? Would you sleep better knowing exactly what medical treatment would or would not be applied to your body should you slip into a coma? If you answered yes to any of those three questions, then maybe your focus on the immediate personal benefits of better sleep and increased quality of life will help you finally get the estate plan finished - with the help of a trusts and estates lawyer.

If you do not have an estate plan (i.e. a will or a trust), the State will dictate how your assets will be divided. If you have no immediate relatives, then the State will get your all your assets. If you want to give some of your estate to non-related friends, without a will, it generally won't happen. If you want to maximize the amount of your estate and minimize the payment of taxes and fees of administration, a little estate planning will save a lot of pain and money in the future. This Christmas, give to your family and friends in a way that will increase your quality of life now, will later enhance your family and friend's quality of living, and you may even leave behind a legacy that will not be forgotten.

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