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Honest Lawyers: Is that a Joke?

When it comes to lawyer jokes, I must admit, I love them! I love the stories, the jokes and the general taking the "air" out of the lawyers' mystique. Being a lawyer, I know I shouldn't take such pleasure in the seeming derision of the legal practice or myself by association, for upon my swearing in to the Bar and admission to the practice of law, Cobb Superior Court Judge White first gave a stern speech and said: "Now, most attorneys I know, know that I do not like lawyer jokes! I find the jokes are undeserved and I have found in almost every case, lawyers are the most honest and honorable people I know…"

Little did the judge know that the 30-year practicing lawyer, fellow Emory alumni and my sponsoring employer standing next to me had a big book of lawyer jokes in his lobby, available to all clients, less than a mile away. Seeing the lawyer joke book before interviewing with my soon-to-be-boss let me know that the honest and honorable veteran lawyer to my side was a man with a sense of humor; a man who could see the lighter and more joyous side of things. And Judge White was right too: my sponsor and most all of the lawyers I have known before and since that time are honest and honorable people.

I've tried my hardest and have done everything possible to be a lawyer of integrity and honor and in the process honor my lawyer grandfather, and emulate what he did during his career summed up by his sister-in-law, my great aunt who said: "Your grandfather! He was a real man of the people ! People knew that if they came to him, he would be able to help. He was a real man of the people !" I wish my granddad could see the practice I've built and the people we help. My dad did choke up when he said it, but he said he knows his dad would be proud.

Though I know he's right, I also know I will always push to make my granddad proud of everything I do as a lawyer and every way in which I, through my Firm and the practice of law, can help other people. And that's no joke.

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