When I hired the Meyring Law Firm for my Estate Plan, I received prompt and professional services. I also appreciated the flow of information and reasonable fees. I would recommend the Meyring Law Firm to others.

Blog Posts in 2010

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It's hard for most people to handle the subject of estate planning-especially when the handler is the subject. - R. Meyring Discussing one's estate plan and the passing on of a person's ...
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The Wrongful Practice of Law

People do not like lawyers. The opinion polls on lawyers and law firms are generally not good. The numbers say lawyers are not much respected among most of the populace. The polls continue to get ...
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Honest Lawyers: Is that a Joke?

When it comes to lawyer jokes, I must admit, I love them! I love the stories, the jokes and the general taking the "air" out of the lawyers' mystique. Being a lawyer, I know I ...
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